Adobe Illustrator Tip 3: How To Use The Star Tool

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Tip #3 👨‍💻 Learn how to use the Star Tool ⭐ in its full potential.

Using the keyboard, while you draw a star:
1) Press Up/Down Arrow Key to increase/decrease the no. of points in the star respectively.
2) Hold Cmd/Ctrl and drag the mouse to extend the arms of the star to the desired extent ⌨️

BONUS TIP: Hold the Opt/Alt Key to toggle between the default star shape and a more pointed classic star shape while you draw ✔️

Note: A customized star shape can also be achieved manually and more accurately by entering the desired values of the parameters that appear in the dialogue box once you click anywhere on the artboard with the Star Tool selected.
The above tip is a quicker way to achieve that.

Adobe Illustrator

Did you know about this Adobe Illustrator tip/trick earlier? Hope you found this post helpful. Spread the word and share it on your story ♥️ Credits: Shibin A

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial


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