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Are you looking for the perfect free PSD packaging mockups to beautifully present your design projects? Here are the handpicked collection of free PSD packaging mockups.

1. Candy Bar Packaging Mockup PSD

Free candy bar mockup. That’s it. Just download it, paste your own project, set background color and the perfect presentation of your packaging design is ready!

2. Paper Coffee Cup in Hand Mockup PSD

This is a coffee cup mockup from Graph Berry, a realistic front view display of a paper cup held by a hand that uses smart objects so you can freely insert your designs. You can also easily change the color of the cup, the lid, and the background. The PSD mockup can feature your illustrations and patterns.

3. Aluminium Can Mockup PSD

For all the creatives and design enthusiasts looking for ways to present their soda can packaging designs in all their glory, FDR brings to you this exclusive large soda can mockup to showcase your beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks, and much more. Offered in the form of a 100% free PSD file, you can display your designs by inserting them into the 4000 x 2667 px mockup using the smart object feature in Photoshop. You can also choose to change the background color in a similar fashion to truly make this mockup your own and use it to promote your designs, whether they’re for a brand or your personal project.

4. Paper Juice Packaging Mockup PSD

This new PSD mockup showcases a minimalist paper bottle packaging design that can be added to both personal and commercial projects. The packaging displays 2 sides of the bottle, one can be used for a general layout of the ingredients and the nutritional information, as well as other designs that can be easily added to the 3500 x 2300 pixels resolution scene using the smart object layers. Feel free to also use this mockup for milk packaging with designs that match the different available dairy and non-dairy options.

5. French Fries Packaging Mockup PSD

Breathe life into your french fries packaging design with today’s mockup by The mockup allows you to add your logo, images and text, and lets you alter the box color, stripe and the fries to make your design stand out and stay true to the product. You can achieve the perfect visual rendition of your design concept in just a few steps – download the PSD file and place your design on the box using smart object insertion. Similarly, you can play around with the other layers to fine tune the mockup and your presentation is ready in a matter of minutes!

6. Free Dropper Bottle Mockups PSD

For the love of glass dropper bottles, we have for you a resource that will get you started on your packaging and label design exercises. Make way for this stylish dropper bottle mockup by Mockups Design, which will help you present your amazing label designs and packaging ideas with 3 high-resolution PSD format files. Covering all the aspects and angles of your design concepts in a visually appealing way, these mockups are simple to work around by virtue of smart object layers in Photoshop, which allow you to simply and drag and drop your designs into the designated layer in a few easy steps. Once done, hit save and enjoy all the appreciation that these mockups will fetch from audiences for you and your beautiful designs!

7. Free Soap Bar Box Mockup PSD

Presented in 5000 x 3333 pixels resolution, it features a floating box (58,1 x 82 x 34,28 mm) that can be edited from 3 sides. Not all soap bars are the same and customers need to be aware of what they’re buying, but that doesn’t stop your packaging from featuring engaging artwork and illustrations. Whether your packaging focuses on the effectiveness of the soap or its scents and ingredients, you can always realistically share your designs with this resource. And as it comes in PSD format, your editing will be as swift as those 20 seconds of washing.

8. Spray Cleaner Bottle Mockup PSD

The 2 PSDs are presented for free for all purposes in 3000 x 2250 pixels resolution, and both layered files enable you to easily insert your designs and change the color of the bottle and its different parts. And as this type of spray bottle is used for multiple products, you can feature designs for window cleaners, rust removers, stainless steel polish, and other cleaning supplies.

9. Cuboid Box Mockup PSD

This high-quality mockup focuses on the star of the show, a cuboid box set in perspective view to enable users to display 3 sides of it. Editable via Adobe Photoshop, it can feature, in addition to the logotype of the brand and the artwork, information related to the product inside, bringing the viewer’s attention to how the overall packaging will appear. So personalize all sides of the box and give your brand a realistic presentation, including the background in your design as well to keep the colorful display of the mockup.

10. Cosmetic Bottles Mockup PSD

From Free PSD Templates comes a collection of 3 high-quality PSD mockups, all of which enable you to share your branding designs for cosmetic products including shampoos, conditioners, oil replacements, skin lotions, etc. Each mockup presents 2 bottles with 2 different types of caps, allowing you to experiment not just with the printable designs but with the packaging itself. The set is created in 4000 x 3200 pixels resolution (300 dpi, RGB) with easily editable features and smart objects. So you can add your designs to the 2 bottles and change the color of the background too.

11. Cosmetic Box with Jar Mockup PSD

This mockup is quality redefined, featuring a trio, all of which display a simple cosmetic cream jar with a paper box alongside it. Whether they’re for facial or body use, these products build up expectations with their packaging and their design which d allow shoppers to get to know what they’re using, even in the simplest of terms. Just copy and paste the graphics and personalize the rest of the scene, editing the background as well for a graceful end design all thanks to the provider of this freebie, Mockups Design.

12. Foil Chips Bag Packaging Mockup PSD

If you’re looking for a stylish packaging design for snacks, look no further than this realistic representation of a chips foil bag packaging. This contemporary and stylish mock-up design comes in a high-resolution free Photoshop format.

This PSD file comes with neat layers that allow you to easily customize the bag and background design by replacing your design using the included smart object layers. After creating your own mock-up for your personal and commercial projects, feel free to include your design in your portfolio!

13. 350ml Juice Bottle Mockup PSD

This is the 350ml free juice bottle PSD mockup from Country 4K, a front view display that can be used for both sides of the packaging so you can share designs for juice as well as milk, infused water, and other beverages. Choose your drink, create your designs accordingly, and easily edit the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution scene. Simply open the smart objects and place your graphics, change the colors of the cap, the label of the bottle, and the background, and spread your work, using this mockup for personal and commercial uses.

14. Paper Bag Packaging Scene Mockup PSD

This particular scene showcases 2 different-sized paper bags with food items scattered around against a white background which can be used for supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stands, or farmers’ market for a more memorable event. Via Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later versions, you can insert your artwork and edit the separated shadows, with high-quality results always ready to be shared. And because the scene gives a simple presentation of what you can always find in your kitchen, the mockup can be edited to feature logotypes and designs for cookware sellers, cooking competitions, and other kitchen-related projects.

15. Ice Cream Tub Mockup PSD

Get your branding designs into the race by inserting them using the smart objects and editing the colors as you like. From butter pecan caramel ice cream to more exquisite flavors like green tea ice cream, and even the classic three, this PSD mockup created by Mohamed Ibrahim will grant you the realistic and easy design every packaging project needs. The lid is as crucial when it comes to the packaging, and this 4k resolution design makes it possible to share both the lid and the label. Sharing is caring but when it comes to ice cream tubs that feature your packaging design, who wouldn’t want one all for themselves?

16. Food Packaging Mockup PSD

This food packaging mockup free PSD from Zippy Pixels will help you achieve the best results of your amazing packaging designs. This food packaging mockup offers a sachet, pouch, box, tea coaster, white onion, and dry spaghetti in a bowl. All items are placed on separate layers so you can customize designs, shadows, colors, and effects of each item individually just by using smart objects and layers. Moreover, you can also move or hide any of the items to make new arrangements.

Download it now for free and produce amazing designs realistically.

17. Sealed Sachet Mockup PSD

Download this sachet mockup free PSD from Zippy Pixels,that will display your packaging design on a four-sided sealed sachet. This free sachet mockup offers smart object feature to change the design of the 6 x 7 inches sachet. It has a customizable marble textured background. This free PSD mockup also allows you to customize the effects of the sachet as per your demand. This sachet mockup will make your design look fabulous.

18. Bread Packaging Mockup PSD

This free bread packaging mockup from Zippy Pixels is specially designed to showcase your bakery bag designs realistically. You can change the design of the front and side of the bag plus the color of the inner side of the bag. The size of the front designs is 5 x 7 inches and the side design is 1 x 7 inches. This bag mockup also offers beautifully textured background which is also replaceable. Moreover, you can also adjust the shadows and the effects of the mockup as per your requirement. Just use smart objects for the replacement of designs and intelligent layers for the rest of customizations.

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